Bar & Private Club ALE Compliance & Marketing Software for North Carolina - NC.


Port City Daily challenges BarMembership to a time trial to see how long it takes to sign up for a membership!


Results: 0:22 Seconds


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Easing pain of North Carolina’s ‘annoying’ private club law for bars and customers 


If you’ve ever been to a bar in North Carolina than you're familiar with having to fill out a paper application and are issued a membership card that you have to bring back with you every time you return.



Introducing - BarMembership™


A Web and App based platform that automates the entire application process, keeping you in COMPLIANCE with the NC ABC membership regulations and providing you with very powerful MARKETING data.




New Members

Your customers no longer need to fill out paper applications.  They click on the "New Member" button on the iPad Check-in screen.  








Application Choices


Applicants can chose the InstaFill feature where it uses the camera on the back of the iPad read a Drivers License or State ID barcode and fill out the application for them.  


This ensures you receive the most accurate data.



Don't Blink!

With the InstaFill feature the application is complete within seconds!


The more time prospective customers stand in line filling out paper applications is less time they're ordering drinks.  


We Even do the Math

The #1 reason bars end up serving underage is because the staff simply does the math wrong.  


The BarMembership technology reads the DOB from the ID and auto caculates the customer's age down to the minute!  


The customers phone number is how they will chech-in for all following visits.  


This will speed them through the line and avoid having to track those sign-in books.  



ALE Input

In developing this state-of-the-art platform, we worked with ALE agents themselves.  


Each account comes with two basic questions about an applicant's music and sports preferences.


Don't like these questions? We'll this is customizable too.  Simply add in your own!





Final Step

In this final stage of the application process, each applicant is presented with the bars rules.  

These bar rules are customizable and presented to each applicant and always available via the app.





Your establishment will be instantly in compliance with: 14B NCAC 15B .0107 SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR PRIVATE CLUBS:

(c) Mandatory Requirements. To qualify as a private club, a facility shall meet the following requirements concerning membership:

(2) Maintain a written policy on the granting of full and limited memberships;

(3) Require each prospective member to complete a written application that contains questions directly related to the applicant’s interest in the social, patriotic, fraternal or recreational purpose of the club, the applicant’s qualifications for membership, and the applicant’s background;

(4) Retain each completed application, if approved, in the organization’s permanent records as long as the individual’s membership continues;

(5) Issue written or printed evidence of membership to each member, which evidence of membership or other reasonably reliable document of identification shall be in the possession of each member present on the licensed premises;

(6) Maintain on the premises a current alphabetical roster of all members and their complete addresses; and

(7) Maintain and provide to each member a written policy concerning the use of facilities by guests.


Use the North Carolina membership regulations to your business' advantage!






North Carolina bars and nightclubs have at their disposal an incredible amount of marketing data that has been going unutilized. 


The problem was; collecting, managing, and accessing this information was: 

  • archaic,
  • time consuming,
  • paper laden, 
  • and frankly…a pain to have to deal with.